The Consultation And Treatment Process

As the name suggests, the CoolSculpting procedure can be a little chilly. Controlled cooling is delivered via an applicator, to freeze the targeted subcutaneous fat (fat found underneath the skin).

Most CoolSculpting applicators use a vacuum to draw the fatty tissue into the applicator cup. During this initial part of the procedure, you may feel some pulling, tugging and or mild pinching/stinging.

Once the cooling part of the procedure starts you may feel an intense cold sensation, then some tugging, pulling or a stinging sensation, which usually subsides once the area becomes numb.

When the CoolSculpting applicators are removed, the clinician will do a 2 minute massage on the treated area to break up the frozen fat cells. The sensation felt during this part of the process is different for each person; some are not bothered by the sensation, others say it can be slightly uncomfortable for the short period of the massage.