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The Truth About CoolSculpting® and Post-Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a miraculous feat your body goes through – creating a whole human, brava! But, then, once your little one enters the world and you slowly come out of an exhausted/happy/bewildered fog, you might notice that your body has changed a bit. And, of course, every woman’s body is different and will adjust to post-pregnancy recovery in different ways.

However, if you’re finding that you have some fat stores you are unhappy with and are struggling to shift them after pregnancy, CoolSculpting® could be your answer.

First, there are a few things to consider and do before you embark on the body contouring treatment:

  • CoolSculpting® is not suitable for pregnant women, women who are trying to fall pregnant nor women who are breastfeeding.
  •  Be gentle with yourself. If you feel your body hasn’t ‘bounced back’ it’s because it’s not meant to. It’s not its job, nor yours, to snap back like a human elastic band. It will happen in its own version of natural, and according to its own time frame. CoolSculpting® isn’t a quick fix to jump into, but rather can assist you with unwanted fat once you and your body feel up to it.
  • Seek medical advice and clearance before opting for a CoolSculpting® treatment. It’s essential you know that your body is ready for it, and that you are able to ease back into exercise concurrent with your treatment.


Now, to the benefits of CoolSculpting® for post-pregnancy:

  • Low to no downtime – You already have a lot on your plate with a toddler, the last thing you can afford is time recovering from something else. The treatment involves almost no, if any, downtime and you can get right back to the little one (or a nap if your can manage one!) immediately after.
  • It can give you the kick start you need – Receiving CoolSculpting® may give you the results you need to be inspired to continue with physical activity and get back into it. Physical activity is important to stay healthy and keep yourself feeling great.
  • It’s targeted – The most difficult part about the distribution of fat gain during and after pregnancy is that it could happen in areas you previously did not store fat, and sometimes in areas that are notoriously hard to shift. The belly, ‘love handles’ and upper thighs are tricky spots to lose fat from. Thanks to the targeted approach of CoolSculpting® , these areas can be isolated and contoured with relative ease.

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