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How To Know If CoolSculpting® Is For You

CoolSculpting® can sound too good to be true: eliminating fat cells after one treatment (dependent on personal circumstances) and helping to contour the treated areas. There’s minimal downtime and can be done in a (longish) lunch break. Perfect, right? For a lot of people, it really is the ideal solution to addressing areas that all the exercise and healthy eating just can’t seem to reach. But, there are a few caveats to consider before signing up. So how do you know if CoolSculpting® is for you?

You want a long-term change
CoolSculpting® is really a great solution for those who prefer low-maintenance approaches to treatments. It’s relatively quick, has minimal downtime and takes a minimal number of visits (in a lot of cases, just one). There’s little to no need to take time out from work or personal life, and you will start noticing a change in 6-8 weeks after the treatment.

You’re not interested in invasive treatments
This is an ideal option for those who want a bit of isolated contouring and aren’t interested in invasive options like liposuction. The procedure is non-invasive, with no surgery or needles involved. An applicator is applied to the targeted area and tissue is drawn into a vacuum cup, which works to target, cool and selectively damage subcutaneous fat cells while preserving the skin and surrounding tissues. *

You have the right amount of fat
CoolSculpting® is not suggested for anyone who is diagnosed, or think they might be diagnosed, with obesity, for a few reasons. Firstly, the treatment is not a weight loss programme and will not benefit your health in any direct way. Secondly, if you are on the path to losing excess weight, it’s best to wait until after you have reached a stable weight so that the CoolSculpting® is working with your longer-term body shape.

You also need to have the right amount of fat for CoolSculpting® to be effective. The best way to find out is to visit a CoolSculpting® Medical Professional and discuss your options.

You’re not pregnant (or trying to be)
CoolSculpting®, while a great option for post-pregnancy, is not suitable for anyone who is pregnant, nor anyone who is trying to fall pregnant. CoolSculpting® is a long-term solution for stubborn areas of fat, so it’s best to wait until after you’ve finished expanding your family before having the treatment done.

*Data obtained from cryolipolysis investigations using a pig model. Results and patient experience may vary.

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