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What to look for when looking for the right fat freezing technology?

We all know the story. Scrolling through Instagram searching for the next HIIT workout or looking through YouTube at ways to lose fat fast. For a lot of people, the cycle remains, working out hard and eating healthily to only find stubborn fat bulges that refuse to budge.

Seeking alternatives to invasive procedures can be a process and there is a lot of information which can be quite overwhelming. So how do you know what to look for if choosing a fat freezing treatment?

Choose a brand that is backed by science & innovation
CoolSculpting® is the world #1 fat reduction technology*, and with over 11 million treatments administered^ – the treatment has been tried and tested. CoolSculpting® has been made available in over 5000 clinics across 74 countries.

CoolSculpting® was developed with Harvard scientists and is backed by over 20 years of research and development. The treatment has been studied in over 70 publications and has over 159 global patents, making it the most researched non-invasive body contouring technology.#

Make sure the brand is using safety technology
CoolSculpting® has well established safety and efficacy profiles. CoolSculpting® systems are controlled cooling devices designed with in built safety measures. It’s the only system to have the patented Freeze Detect® technology.

Freeze Detect® is essential to the CoolSculpting® system as it is automatically monitors when a treatment is initiated. When the Freeze Detect® system detects a possible freeze condition, it will stop treatment, ensuring your skin is protected.

Assess how effective the treatment is
The good thing about CoolSculpting® is that it is non-invasive, meaning no surgery or needles, and there is little to no downtime post treatment. This is an ideal option for those who want targeted contouring and aren’t interested in more drastic invasive options like surgery. It is a more suitable option if you have little time, with sessions generally only 35 to 75 minutes long. CoolSculpting® has demonstrated fat layer reductions of up to 27% across multiple treatment areas and results can be seen as early as 6 weeks with final results around 12 weeks – helping to give you a more sculpted look!

Ensure the treatment can be tailored to YOUR needs
Not every fat freezing technology could be right for you. CoolSculpting® can be a solution for those who prefer a low maintenance approach to treatment as it can eliminate fat cells after only 1-3 sessions - without ongoing maintenance sessions.

During the initial CoolSculpting® consultation, your medical practitioner will ask about your medical history to establish if CoolSculpting® is right for you.

The price for CoolSculpting® procedures varies depending on your areas of concern, so you can create a customised treatment plan with your CoolSculpting® medical practitioner that’s tailored to your body, your goals, and your budget.

There are many options available so don't get despondent by all that you read on the internet. At your first session, a CoolSculpting® technician will provide a consultation, review your medical history, discuss your goals and determine if it is right for you. The best thing to do is consult your healthcare practitioner to find out what is the best option for you. To find a CoolSculpting® clinic nearest to you head to:

* As of November 2021
^ As of May 2021
As of September 2018
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# As of December 2020
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